Linikini Swimwear is a Swedish independent company founded by self taught seamstress and designer Linda Abrahamsson in Örebro, Sweden 2011.

‘Between years 2009 and 2012 I made several trips and spent a lot of time on the Hawaiian Island Oahu. My love for surfing was born and as getting more into it, it didn't take long to figure out that a bikini that stays fit on your body while surfing is a must have for full concentration while catching a wave. Practical and stylish does not always go together and after having trouble finding bikinis that suited my own body and taste I decided to start making my own. Once you find the love for surfing and have felt the Hawaiian vibe it's hard to just leave it all behind. So with the dream of run my own company and to be able to have a taste of summer year round in the season changing Sweden I decided to make my own bikini label. Except from the blending of Linda and bikini, the name Linikini is mostly inspired by one of Oahu’s most beautiful beaches, Lanikai beach.

Growing up I remember I especially admired people that did things in their own way. It was all from musicians to entrepreneurs who were totally involved in their projects and not afraid to go outside the box. As getting older it became clear that my interest in those people was a reflection on myself. I love to see what can be evolved from scratch, try out new ways to be creative and what can be learned along the way. With no professional background or education in what I do, me and my business have evolved a lot since I started and I still learn new things everyday.

When you are wearing a Linikini you are not just wearing a bikini, you wear something that represent You. A lifestyle brand with the values of vitality, creativity, love and an open mind. Be kind, respect each others differences and remember that it's cooler to be kind than to be cool and the biggest gift you can give is a nice attitude and a smile, it's universal and it's free.’

Thank you for your support,